Free-To-Play MMORPG Onigiri Releasing For PS4 This Summer

By   /   Jun 12, 2014

CyberStep Inc has confirmed that free-to-play MMORPG Onigiri will be releasing on the PlayStation 4 this summer.

Posting on the PlayStation Blog, lead programmer Aaron Hearn mentioned how Onigiri is set up in an alternate universe where demons and humans coexist in Japan with the blessings of the ancient gods.

Aside you, a descendant of a long-isolated mythological tribe, the game will feature eight ally NPCs that have unique personalities and abilities. Together you and your friends will journey to find a way to restore balance, as a deadly miasma and the resurrected ancient evil Kamikui threatens to destroy everything in its path.

Unlike other MMORPGs where players get to choose class at the start, Onigiri has no such requirement. Instead it allows players to forge their own path free of limitations classes could bring.

That’s quiet an interesting take since the class restrictions usually are put in for replay value. A player can always replay the game to experience a new class. With Onigiri, that’s relatively the same but you can choose your destiny mid-way.

Onigiri is free-to-play with no subscription fees. The game was released in Japan in January on the PC and has already gained 500,000 players. A solid release date for the PlayStation 4 version is yet to be revealed.

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