Dark Cultist Priest Card Announced for Hearthstone Curse of Naxxramas

By   /   Jun 12, 2014

Considered by many as one of the worst class to play in Hearthstone, the Priest is finally getting some love from the developers in the form of a new minion in Curse of Naxxramas.

Revealed through Twitter, the Dark Cultist seems to be a nice early game card with its 3 mana cost and a better alternative to the other 3 mana minion available to priests right now, Injured Blademaster.

Dark Cultist’s deathrattle ability is also something which cannot be ignored easily. Upon death, the minion grants +3 health to one other minion on board. This while very effective early game, is not useful at all when Dark Cultist is the only minion on the board.

While Dark Cultist does present a decent threat to the opponent early game, it isn’t really that powerful when compared to other cards revealed for the Priest.

A total of 9 cards will be revealed before the launch of Curse of Naxxramas and Dark Cultist is the 8th one with the last card believed to be for the Hunter class.

Dark Cultist is one of the two class cards revealed for Curse of Naxxramas with a 3 mana cost, the other one being Duplicate for Mage.

Curse of Naxxramas is the first adventure for Hearthstone and is set to be released in summer 2014. The adventure will follow a 5-wing setting similar to the 5-wing Naxxramas raid in World of Warcraft.

The first and the last wing will be free while others will have to be unlocked through gold or real money.

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