Aonuma Clarifies that Zelda Wii U Trailer Had Link, Not a Girl

By   /   Jun 12, 2014

The infamous Zelda Wii U trailer created quite a debate, and apprehensions, over the internet in the recent days. This was because of the protagonist shown in the footage that looked a lot like a girl and a lot less like Link, also there were multiple confusing comments made by the developers.

All this has been clarified by the Zelda series producer, Eiji Aonuma. He says that the character you saw in the trailer really was Link.

When he was asked about the character in the video he had said that ‘no one explicitly said that that was Link.’ This was aided by a comment he had made saying how they were creating ‘something that wouldn’t make it matter whether Link or Princess Zelda appear in it or not.’

Now, he has refuted all ‘female’ rumors and said that the comments that created these confusions were taken out of context:

Actually that comment I made jokingly. It’s not that I said that it wasn’t Link. It’s that I never said that it was Link. It’s not really the same thing, but I can understand how it could be taken that way.

It seems like it has kind of taken off where people are saying ‘oh it’s a female character’ and it just kind of grew. But my intent in saying that was humor. You know, you have to show Link when you create a trailer for a Zelda announcement.

Along with that he said that he didn’t want people to get hung up on the appearance of Link as it was only the character that represented the player.

So, does that clear up your mind about all the fuss that Zelda Wii U trailer created?

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