The Assembly Announced For PS4 And Project Morpheus, Trailer Inside

By   /   Jun 11, 2014

Those who had been looking for a reason to invest in Project Morpheus for PS4 might have just found it. A pretty famous PlayStation Home development studio, nDreams just announced their first VR project for PS4 and Project Morpheus, The Assembly.

After getting their hands on a VR headset back in 2013, the 28 man development team had constantly been experimenting on creating something unique and refreshing, something which would fit nicely into Project Morpheus.

Players will be controlling two different characters in The Assembly and thanks to the power of VR headsets, they will be able to clearly notice the difference between both of them through their heights, sounds and voices.

Tom Jubert, the writer of amazing indie titles like FTL and The Swapper is also working on creating the story for The Assembly. In the game, The Assembly is a secret underground group of scientists and thinkers, however, how exactly does the player fit among them is still unclear.

Believing that morality is hindering scientific advancement in the world, The Assembly resorts to all kinds of methods to further their cause. For Science of course!

Just how far these people are willing to go can be seen in the trailer, humans are serving as lab rats, there are nuclear shelters created obviously for tests.

A playable demo of The Assembly will be shown at E3 to the press and more details regarding the game and its release will be revealed later.

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