No Man’s Sky Focuses on Exploration, Features Virtually Infinite Universe

By   /   Jun 11, 2014

Hello Games’ science fiction based video game No Man’s Sky features the open space, the different planets and the deep depths of the oceans. Hence the name, No Man’s Sky.

What we have recently picked up about the game is a compilation of aspects that only something as big as E3 can bring forth in one blow.

Pick of the day was when the game mixes creatures like dinosaurs with something as distant as space combat. Yes, it is going to be interesting to see both of those together.

It looks pretty ambitious with all the colors and the feeling you get when something is breaking the limits of ordinary gaming. The vast universe that it lays in front of you is evidence to that.

A distant mountain, a planet that you find attractive and even a star that you wish to visit; everything will be in your reach. That is the beauty of it.

Adding to what we have already been shown, the different kinds of creatures were something new that the E3 brought to us in the trailer. Even when you are in the space, it is not empty; there will be a complete ecosystem up there too.

When the game begins, everyone starts outside the ring of the galaxy on a separate planet, and everyone has to make a journey to center of that galaxy.

As far as the three different planets are concerned, there are things that you can do (fighting creatures, finding items), but it is all up to you whether you choose to do any of those things or not.

It is all procedural, everything is there, but you have to go out and explore it yourself and only then you will find if there are any resources or if the place is habitable or not.

Moreover, everything you explore can be uploaded and that is what every other player will be doing so the information sharing forms the basis of cooperation between different players, although they are not literally playing together.

There will be AI to populate the universe as it is too vast (it would take ridiculously long time to get from one edge to the other) in fact, the developer suggested that you might be able to fly for like five years (figuratively) straight and not end the universe.

As far as the dangers (and the evil element of the game) are concerned, Sean Murray, the founder of Hello Games said that there is going to be a malevolent force at play.

However, he was pretty evasive and said that they will shed more light on it when they decide to go public with the details. So yes, it is not just discovery and exploration.

Talking of customization, Murray believes that the core of the game is exploration and so settling down and customizing a base will not be the basic need of the game though it will be possible.

Let’s move on to another interesting aspect of the game; creatures.

Well, from massive flying beasts, water beasts the game is going to have anything and everything imaginable. The idea is that the developers have been experimenting with everything and anything as mutated as they could think off. So, there is no limit to it.

No Man’s Sky is a pretty unconventional game, it throws out the idea of levels, quests and all the traditional modes of progression. Not only that, in words of Murray, it’s almost an antisocial game. Even with a multiplayer, not much value is given to two characters meeting up together.

However, that is the originality that begs interest in the game. They have chosen to take the path of discovery and tried to stick to that as much as they can. Let us see where No Man’s Sky lands when it releases.

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