New Details on PS4 Exclusive Kingdom Under Fire 2 Shared By Developer

By   /   Jun 11, 2014

Sony at E3 revealed some incredible free-to-play titles that will be heading exclusively to PlayStation 4 and among those was the upcoming MMO Kingdom Under Fire 2.

Kingdom Under Fire 2 is real time strategy game, where players take control of the army as well as the main hero simultaneously. There will be a whole character building process as you take on enemies in humongous battlefields.

The story of the game will pick up right after the events of previous title and even some core elements of gameplay will feel same to players who have played the franchise before.

Producer and Director of Kingdom Under Fire 2 describes the story of previous games and how it will lead into the upcoming title.

The story of Kingdom Under Fire: Crusaders and Kingdom Under Fire: Heroes are based on the vast story of the Bersia continent. Kingdom Under Fire II starts its story in Bersia where approximately 120 years has passed since Kingdom Under Fire: Crusaders.

Lots of things have changed for 120 years. Regnier, the powerful hero in Kingdom Under Fire: Crusaders, disappeared and became legend. Encablossa, the God of Darkness, sent a mysterious evil one called Celes to Bersia in order to recreate the Age of Darkness and destroy the current Age of Light.

Kingdom Under Fire 2

The major change in Kingdom Under Fire 2 is inclusion of large scale battles that will be played with the help of large armies. In addition, the heroes will be able to use their special moves, powerful actions and vast array of weapons available in the game.

For the time being, developers are looking to have three types of heroes in the game “Gunslinger, Berserker and Spellswords.”

Gunslingers will be technical in nature who will go into the battle with a sword and a gun. On the other hand Berserker will take on enemies head on and will be very powerful with its big “bastard sword” and huge build. Spellsword is a magician, with weak stamina but utilizes the skills of magic to stay safe from the opponents.

Kingdom Under Fire 2 will release on PlayStation 4 next year and will be a free-to-play title.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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