Monsters of The Evil Within Are Scary, Making It All About Survival

By   /   Jun 11, 2014

Dark hallways, hidden documents, ghosts and deformed creatures. The Evil Within has it all and quite an ample amount of it which is of course no surprise since the game is from Shinji Mikami, the ultimate authority on survival horror.

Gameplay involves a lot of stealth since in the asylum like environments, resources are scarce and you cannot engage every hostile creature you see. Puzzle solving skills are required to proceed in the game since there are a lot of those.

The Evil Within

Through the player’s journey in the game world, they will gather a jelly like substance which can be used to upgrade their abilities, something which is essential to survive the countless different type of enemies in the world.

The Evil Within

Like any survival horror game, salvaging also plays a huge role in the game. Players will have to look for various resources like ammunition and matches. If players are low on ammunition they can utilize objects in the environment to set traps for chasing enemies.

The creatures in The Evil Within are tough, like really tough! It takes a lot of bullets to kill one regular enemy and even then to make sure it stays dead, players will have to burn the body using the matches they acquire through salvaging.

Then there is the boss, Ruvik roaming around the asylum as well. Ruvik cannot be killed so if players encounter him, their best bet is to run as fast as they can and eventually the boss will leave them alone.

Matches are also useful for lighting up the personal oil lantern the protagonist has which is essential if players do not want to stumble upon some of the many environment traps hidden throughout the game.

The Evil Within is set to be released in October, close to Halloween on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC.

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