Madden NFL 15 Creative Director Challenges 2K To Develop NFL Games

By   /   Jun 11, 2014

Madden NFL 15 Creative Director Rex Dickson of EA Sports in an interview, challenges 2K to buy the NFL license and compete against Madden NFL franchise that has no competition so far from any other developer.

This is a direct challenge from EA and hopefully, 2K will respond with some sort of statement.

Players, who love football, will be hoping to see 2K getting involved in the sport as it gives them an option to play the better game available.

Furthermore, these sports games are yearly releases so it makes it really hard for the fans to either go for new game or not. Mostly, they end up buying the game with very few changes just because they are a die-hard fan of the sport.

EA and 2K have been competing against each other in almost all the yearly sports’ titles, and their competition has led to a number of improvements for the games.

Competition is always good as it keeps the developers on edge and makes them realize that even a little of complacency can prove to be very dangerous for support of the games.

Would you like to see 2K go against EA Sports Madden NFL franchise? Let us know!

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