Little Big Planet 3 Adds New Characters, Improves Controls and Offers Customization Freedom

By   /   Jun 11, 2014

Little Big Planet 3 is one of the lighter games that E3 brought forth. The game already has a fan following for being a light hearted side scroller but one major thing changes with this installment.

There are four different types of characters, and each one of them are very distinctive in their appearance and abilities. Oddsock can wall jump, he is very fast and probably the most agile out of the four characters.

Not to forget he is fully customizable which means that you can improve his abilities further, and give him a better look too!

That being said, every other character in Little Big Planet 3 can be improved notably Sackboy whose appearance can be improved along with other customizations to the way he plays.

Moreover, you will be switching between characters as you play through different levels and so it can actually make the game a bit more complex than having a single playable character.

That comes at the same time when it is making the game more fun with all the new possible ways in which you can complete a task.

There always is a question whether the new characters are there to add more beauty or fun to the game or is there something else that their introduction brings.

There is no doubt that the new characters add more elements that gamers would come to love but it is actually the change in gameplay that the four characters are responsible for.

Piggybacking each other through the levels is something that all four of the characters will continue to do as we saw in the E3 demonstration.

You will often come across different spots where one of them will be able to create a way for the others, sometimes depending on their size, their agility or weight.

Previous games have been pretty floaty and luckily, the developers have tightened up the controls for the game.

Although they have clarified that it won’t be a massive difference and that people who are a little careless might not even notice it. Still, it is an improvement that most of us would welcome.

Many of the people have been expressing their concern about the change of developing studio. Media Molecule is not making the game and instead it is being made by Sumo Digital.

Yet, if you really check out the gameplay and footage that Sony has shared during their E3, I am sure it will take away most of the concerns. The game looks fun and even more exciting with the four different characters that were not there in the previous versions of the game.

There are so many things in the game that are still to be talked about but we will have to wait for the upcoming events for them.

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