Final Fantasy XIV Gets Two New DPS Jobs – The Ninja and The Rogue

By   /   Jun 11, 2014

New footage of Final Fantasy at the E3 conference has revealed two new jobs that players can partake, namely the Ninja (aww yeah!) and the Rogue. These two exciting specialized classes will probably be released in an upcoming patch for the game, which is yet to be announced.

The Rogues were once a set of specialized thieves who now utilize their skills for the betterment of the world around them. These guys/gals will enjoy increased mobility with faster movement speed as compared to other classes, and will also be able to duel-wield weapons. The Rogues also have cat-like slyness which allows them to take minimal damage from falls.

The Ninja compared to the Rogue is a class that focuses on a very specific skillset that utilizes poisons (Rogues can also utilize them) and expert one-on-one combat techniques.

Special moves termed as “mudras” can be combined together to cause special effects, though combining the wrong ones can cause the attack to fail. Ninjas also have direct-combat capabilities and increased agilities, allowing them to leap into the air and perform lethal take-down moves.

Both of these classes are primarily DPS jobs, and we’re expecting a set of healer/tank jobs to be announced and (ultimately) released later on some time in an expansion patch.

Stay tuned for more E3 news as the three-day conference progresses.

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