DriveClub is a True Social and Competitive Racing Experience

By   /   Jun 11, 2014

During the E3 gameplay stream, Paul Rustchynsky, game director of DriveClub has revealed that the game will have a full weather system and a day-night cycle, all of which will are showcase of PS4’s power.

Developed by Evolution Studios, the game will be a mix of arcade and simulator racing games and heavily relies on social interaction so if you are the loner type, well you won’t really have that much fun in the game.

As the name suggests, the game involves driving clubs or gangs. Create your own clubs, customize them to your own liking and invite your friends to join them. Friends of your friends will see your club in their suggestions so that way they can join your club as well.

Each club will be truly unique and different from others. The club leader can design a unique signature color and logo scheme for the club, and all club members will sport that on their cars along with their own customizations for a true arcade experience.

Depending on which area of the world your car is from, the steering wheel will be on the left or right side which can be seen in the highly detailed cockpit view of the vehicle. Driveclub will feature a total of 50 cars.

The game will take place in five locations across the world and will have a total of 55 tracks in those locations. The tracks will not be based on real-life location, which is sort of a let-down.

Players can challenge other clubs to races in which the whole club will be involved so that makes for a really great competitive multiplayer experience and practice sessions. Players will also be able to set the time of the day in game when the race starts and if the race is long enough, they will see the day-night cycle in action.

Do you think you can create a club to take over the racing world of DriveClub? There is a ranking system in game to prove your mettle.

DriveClub will be released on 7th October exclusively on PS4.

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