Destiny Multiplayer Alpha Footage Shows How Competitive Matches Will Play Out

By   /   Jun 11, 2014

Destiny’s multiplayer alpha footage showed Control game mode, which as the name suggests is the typical capture and hold points style of play.

Each Guardian can have up to a maximum of 3 weapons with them at a time, a primary weapon, special weapon and a heavy weapon. Since all of Destiny’s game modes (singleplayer, co-op and multiplayer) are persistent, weapons unlocked in singleplayer can be used in multiplayer as well.

While players will have easy access to primary weapon ammo and can find ammo for special weapon in the world, the heavy weapon is where Destiny is different. While everyone has the ammo, they cannot use it until it becomes available after sort of a pick-up.

Various vehicles are scattered throughout the map, each one handles differently from others in terms of mobility and fire power. Yes vehicles can shoot or crush opponents as well.

Players can also spawn their own personal vehicles which are smaller in size.

Unlike Guardian health, vehicles do no regenerate or are repaired after taking damage from turrets, other vehicles, enemy Guardians or even collisions.

The special powers Guardians possess feel heavily inspired from Mass Effect games.

Destiny’s multiplayer gameplay doesn’t have that kind of spark yet which this year’s Titanfall, another innovative shooter, had.

The level cap in alpha is set to level 8 so there isn’t a whole lot of content players can purchase from the Crucible points they earn after playing multiplayer matches.

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