D4 for Xbox One is Weird? That’s an Understatement

By   /   Jun 11, 2014

Japanese developers are weird man. Like very weird. Sure, they’ve given us some amazing games – too many to scribble a list of a few over here without sacrificing many other brilliant ones. But there’s an element of weirdness in them, some that will make you cringe, laugh, cry, and say “oh God, why?” at the same time.

Which is why D4 doesn’t surprise me. I mean, you know a guy’s really seen weird stuff if a girl with a mouse in her mouth going ape-shit doesn’t surprise him.

Yup, that’s just the tip of the insane iceberg that forms much of the content in D4.

The main protagonist in D4 is David, and apart from being a little whacky, a little over-the-top, he’s a pretty cool dude, and it’s easy to say ‘I feel you bro’ to him, because the poor fellow’s wife was killed two years ago. Okay, maybe I don’t exactly feel you bro, because I’m not even married, though I can be imaginative.

Like any person, David’s having a hard time getting over the loss of his wife, but it’s not because of the simple fact that it happened, it’s because the killer hasn’t been brought to justice.

Apparently the only thing David knows about this murderer is that he goes by the letter “D” – sadly that doesn’t help since you meet a plethora of weirdoes with names starting with D.

David also seems to suffer from a bit of amnesia, which sucks obviously, but he’s got an extra unorthodox thing going on for him. David boy can apparently utilize “memento” items he finds and travel back in time with him.

D4 Xbox One

Combine that with his natural instinct to identify and isolate specific objects in the environment, and you get the perfect anime-styled hero detective thingy.

Now that all sounds very sane, but those of you who saw the gameplay footage from November, and also the one revealed today at the E3 will know what kind of insanity D4 embodies within itself. Hidetaka Suehiro is directing the game, and his strange sense of humor that charmed Deadly Premonition returns.

D4 can utilize either the controller or Kinect independently, and the gestures generally tend to be easy to learn and execute on the latter.

There are apparently a lot of QuickTime events, which combine with the cell-shaded graphics and interactive story-telling to bring an experience quite similar to one of the episodic Telltale games, such as The Walking Dead. Mind you, D4 itself is episodic, though it seems it involves more investigative and interactive content than Tell-Tale titles.

The characters in the game are strange and largely over the top – something many anime and manga enthusiasts would be quite accustomed to.

Regardless, you’ll still be a bit overwhelmed (hardly the correct word for the intensity of the emotion) whenever those “WTF” moments come towards you, whether it’s an eerily dressed fashion designer repetitively posing with and talking to his female manikin, or whether it’s your rat-biting roommate that throws crockery towards you.


The E3 demo started off a bit slow – you’re in a bathroom examining a shoe, which is essentially a memento, while you’re busy admiring yourself (and the scar on your forehead) in the mirror.

David’s a rockstar kind of guy, whose weirdness kind of remind us of Dante, though overall he looks very familiar to Final Fantasy 8’s main protagonist Squall.

After making your way out of the bathroom by observing a few specific set of objects in your environment, you’ll be introduced to a past memory of your late wife “Peggy” once you examine a wine bottle.

Right when you’re about to tell yourself how this game might have a hint of decency and simplicity, you’re attacked by a skinny blonde with a rat in her mouth. She goes ape-shit and starts tossing plates and whatever she can find in the kitchen area.

If you’re playing with the Kinect, you’ll need to use the gestures displayed on the screen, which will eventually lead you to grabbing her, with the ultimate outcome being her on top of you, opening your mouth with her hands as the screen faded to black.

Yeah, it turned weird quickly, then it turned super-weird even quicker. Thoughts?

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