Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Will Be as Addictive as Borderlands 2

By   /   Jun 11, 2014

People have been asking for a trip to the moon ever since we remember, so Gearbox the developers of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel decided to take on the challenge and here we are.

Up in the moon, it is a totally new world but at the same time it is everything that Borderlands is about. The characters are similar to the previous one or are previously known to you. For instance Athena, one of the new hunters who has a shield and Wilhelm, who is more machine than man.

Returning fans would know where he comes from as he has been there in the previous games.

Customization can allow you to improve what he looks like, he can be totally transformed physically from what he starts with using the skill points you acquire.

Each of your choice will have an impact not only on how he (and the other characters) look, but also on how the fight.

Talking of things specific to the new battleground, there is liquid methane that deals Cryo damage. Using the Cryo damage you can freeze Kragens, the moon beasts and then destroy them with a shot.

Whenever you freeze and shoot the enemy you see their shattered pieces blown in the space as if they are floating, although it is a kill scene it surely is beautiful.

Moreover, there are low gravity spots on the moon. Using the low gravity you can jump hundreds of feet high and get in an advantageous position against the enemy. As a typical Borderland effect, you can even split the enemies into two by landing down on top of them and yes, using the lasers!

So, will there be new legendary items? We know now that there will be new gear and so there will be new legendary items that you can get from missions and bosses and the aforementioned gear.

There is a bar for Oxygen which is going to be one of the resources you will need not only for survival but also for using some of the extra abilities.

However, you will not have to worry too much about running out of Oxygen as there will be a lot of locations like cracks in the ground that will get you refilled.

This is just some of the features that we have been able to get out of the game thanks to E3. There is a lot of new stuff in the game but we can surely say that the developers are trying hard to keep the things with the game that make Borderlands, Borderlands.

As a conclusion, the new location will have a lot to say in the kind of gameplay that the game is going to offer. However, even the new elements of the game look thankfully familiar to what has made the game a hit.

There need not be any question against banking on it.

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel will be released on October 14 in the North American region while the rest of the world will be getting a taste of it on October 17.

Last but not the least; the developers have also confirmed that Gamescom will have a lot more information about Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.

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