Bloodborne Coming Out on March 31? New Details Emerge

By   /   Jun 11, 2014

I believe that Bloodborne could have been one heck of a surprise at this year’s E3, if it hadn’t been leaked before as Project Beast.

The trailer that was shown looked incredible, but no details on the release date were shared by developers.

However, a new image has apparently got leaked, which indicates that From Software’s newly revealed Bloodborne will be hitting the shelves on 31st of March and will use PlayStation 4’s preload feature.


In addition to that, new information have been shared about the game, overall, the game might very well serve as a spiritual successor to Demon’s Soul.

The combat will feel very similar to the Souls series, but this time more focus will be on body horror and gory environments.

City that you will be exploring in Bloodborne is called Yharham, which is now overrun by zombies, monsters and other gigantic and dangerous creatures after a virus broke out and caused the plague.

Only a handful of people are left unaffected from the plague and among them is our protagonist. Enemy attack mechanics have been revised and every single attack that you suffer will make you bleed.

The game does take inspiration from Dark Souls but weapons in Bloodborne are completely separate from it, as protagonist will be wielding a Saw and a Cleaver alongside a Shotgun.

Shotgun will be used to take down enemies at fairly close distance, while Cleaver will be your main melee weapon for the game and Saw is for taking down opponents, face to face.

From Software is not known for sharing much information about its upcoming games, as the studio wants players’ to always be intrigued and interested as they play through the game.

The legitimacy of Bloodborne’s release date picture is still in question but we will update the article as soon as From Software reveals the official release date for the game.

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