Homefront: The Revolution Asks You To Use Gadgets and Stealth to Survive

By   /   Jun 10, 2014

Homefront: The Revolution gameplay demo at E3 puts the players in the shoes of Ethan, who is just a regular guy, caught up in the middle of the war, and he is in a secret location, where he is hiding from the enemies.

As you take control of the character, you are tasked to grab important equipment for yourself.

As you go out of the hideout, you come across an NPC peeing publicly and soon after, he is spotted by a police drone which signals the armed forces to come and arrest the law-abiding citizen.

Moreover, players will have a lot of freedom when it comes to exploring the world, but you will always be on the edge, as drones are constantly hunting down the resistance members and criminals.

That’s not all, the cameras on the street will spot you in an instant, so be careful and destroy them with a brick or any other weapon before they spot you as stealthily as you can.

Homefront: The revolution

Moving on, character will take out his mobile phone, which seems to be the integral part of Homefront: The Revolution, as it is used to identify and tag the enemies, weapons and take important photographs.

After that, you will move into a store and try to take as much equipment and food as you can so that you stay stocked. Salvaging like that is not only important for you in the game but also for the resistant members who need your assistance to survive.

After brief stealthy movement, we come across some sort of enemy base which needs to be crossed to get on the opposite side of the area. You are given a choice here, take the stealthy route or destroy the enemy base with remote controlled car mounted C4. You know my choice!

After blowing the metal door, you are required to clear the area before you can proceed further and that’s where the demo ends. Watching that makes you wonder how core Survival and Stealth mechanics are in Homefront: The Revolution.

From what we have seen so far, we are pretty impressed by these mechanics and hopefully, Crytek will finally be able to prove critics wrong by providing not only great graphics but a rich story and immersive gameplay action with Homefront: The Revolution.

Co-op will be part of the game as well, but more details on that will be revealed very soon. Homefront: The Revolution is coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 next year

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