Xenoblade Chronicles X is About War That’s Destroying Earth

By   /   Jun 10, 2014

Monolith Soft’s upcoming Japanese role playing game Xenoblade Chronicles X was confirmed for Wii U couple of hours ago. Even from the announcement trailer it has created quite an interest among the peeps.

That calls for details on what the setting of the game is and what exactly is going to be the story that it will follow.

Luckily, Nintendo of America has a few lines to drop on that matter. The very first insight on the setting talks of alien factions that are at war but are somehow affecting earth:

“At the beginning of Xenoblade Chronicles X, two alien factions are at war above Earth. Unfortunately, their war is destroying Earth.”

Moreover, they say that you, the hero will wake up from stasis at the start of the game and get your character up and running after that.

If you were watching the live stream of Nintendo that ended recently, you would have also gotten the chance to see how Xenoblade Chronicles X starts. The footage plays through a demo that shows a city called Neo Los Angeles.

In the footage you see a number of locations in and around the city where the American flag is visible showing what remains of the society.

Moreover, there are going to be different classes in the game for instance the Drifter which is thee lass you will start the game with. As the game progresses, you will be able to change the classes and make use of different sets of abilities.

We have learnt that the behavior of enemies will also get effected by the time of the day i.e. predators come out at night. Which leads us to the complete day and night cycle that will be featured in the game.

We shall keep you updated on Xenoblade Chronicles X as more information arrives; until then, stay tuned!

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