Ubisoft E3 2014 Press Conference Round-Up, All Trailers and Info

By   /   Jun 10, 2014

We’ve covered the E3 Microsoft press conference and EA’s conference that ended a few hours ago, and it was now time for Ubisoft to come to the stage and impress the audience. In case you missed it, we’ve covered the entire thing, and right here is a roundup and highlights of what happened.

Ubisoft dominated the 2012 E3 press conference with games like Watch Dogs and The Division – one of those has already been released, and though it was a mighty brilliant game, one can’t help but feel it was overhyped.

Nevertheless, The Division is still there and boy did it impress in the Microsoft press conference today, but that’s not the only title the French company has to mesmerize you.

The conference started off with an unexpected bit of cursing and gore, which came in the form of the much charming Far Cry 4.

Ubisoft decided it was the right thing to do to initiate the conference with bad language that forms a part of a game that unnecessarily spread controversy across the gaming world during its announcement.

Mind you, this wasn’t just a cheeky teaser trailer that shows hints and glimpses of ambiguous and vague content – far from it. In fact, Ubisoft went as far as to show the opening five minutes of the game. Despite the familiar insanity and predictable start to the game, I daresay I was mighty impressed with the delivery of the entire setup.

Next up was a game completely in contrast to the potty-mouthed opening of the conference: Just Dance. There was obviously no swearing involved, but there was a lot of emphasis on “family fun” and dancing (obviously).

Aisha Tyler, the presenter, also made sure we all knew about Just Dance Now, a version of the game that runs on smartphones and can be connected to your television, so that anyone with a phone can play the game. They also allegedly had 50 people in the theater playing the game on their smartphone in sync with the big screen.

Then we had a revisit of The Division. We already saw the trailer for the title in Microsoft’s press conference, and along with The Witcher 3 it was definitely the best highlight of the presentation.

Ubisoft took a more emotional approach with their trailer as they showed why exactly you’re teaming up and shooting people in a seemingly deserted and destroyed urban environment.

The Crew took over the big screen shortly after, with an open-world environment where apparently the entire objective of the game was to race from one end of the United States to the other.

The fact that you can allegedly do that in just over 90 minutes doesn’t make it sound too convincingly realistic, but the video was nevertheless captivating, with impressive visuals and decent presentation.

There’s also a closed beta for the game that will go live on June 23, while the actual game will be released in November.

After exploring the detailed replication of the United States in The Crew, we flew east to Europe and back in time to the 18th century in a revolutionary France…again.

Assassin’s Creed: Unity came on display for the second time after making it in Microsoft’s conference, though this time around there was more of a “Viva le France!” touch to it thanks to the CGI, though it did contain slightly less melancholy (and singing) than Les Miserables.

It was a pretty satisfying extend live-demo, though I admit none of us were wowing because we’d already seen glimpses of the gameplay a few hours earlier.

It’s strange how these conferences are put up isn’t it? At one point you’re getting emotional over a historic revolution, then suddenly you’re busy doing push-ups. That’s pretty much how it was with Ubisoft’s conference, because immediately after AC: Unity we had to put up with two guys on the podium competing in a “push-up match”.

It was all because of Shape Up – a fitness based game that utilizes the Kinect. It was a bit distracting and embarrassing to watch the gaming developers do the push-ups, so no one really paid much attention to what was actually happening on-screen.

Once cheesy demo of Shape Up gladly ended, we were pulled back into the sentimental and emotional gaming world with Valiant Hearts: The Great War.

Now this isn’t just another WWII title that will be thrown into the trash-container that comprise of many failed reiterations – it’s a game based on the first World War, and that too with a very impressive and exotic design.

The comic-like artwork was nothing short of sumptuous, and the story wasn’t revolved around meaningless shooting and battlefield mayhem, but on the bonding of a war trodden family and a dog. For me, this was probably the highlight of Ubisoft’s conference, and might be the most underrated part of it.

The end of the conference was looming just around the corner, but Ubisoft managed to pull off a “one more thing” moment, which initiated with an intense hostage-rescue game with a squad-based system. Yup, this was the new Rainbow Six: Siege. The gameplay had Rainbow Six written all over it, with the familiar professional gameplay mechanics, the no-bullshit objectivity, and a pretty convincing combat system.

That’s when the curtains closed for Ubisoft (figuratively speaking). The highlight was probably Valiant Hearts, and if it’s up to your taste maybe even Far Cry 4. Stay tuned as we bring you full coverage of the E3 press conferences, of which up next is Sony.

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