The Division Squad Is Specialized In Scenarios Making Up The Game

By   /   Jun 10, 2014

Multiple delays had somewhat settled down hype circulating Ubisoft’s third-person tactical role-playing game, The Division until its E3 2014 demonstration.

The trailer sure as shooting is one of the best trailers out there showcasing a plague-struck New York City with its own unique feel. It begins slowly with a horror/spooky touch to it and gathers pace alongside its seamless narrative.

Being a die-hard Max Payne fan, I have this weird urge of comparing the snowy New York City of the Division to the original Max Payne with higher resolution, better textures, amazing facial animations, destructible environment, and great particle effects. Powered by Snowdrop Engine, the game’s visual fidelity is certainly unquestionable.

The Division

Coming to the game’s storyline, it is set in current era near Black Friday in New York City where a fatal disease has wiped out almost whole population of NYC. The destruction caused by the plague is not only confined to people, but also spread across ruining infrastructure.

What remains of the NYC have either gone hiding or divided into different factions. The sole purpose of these factions is to clear the game’s world from its remaining inhabitants and take it for them.

With the Division, Ubisoft has added a new squad under Tom Clancy’s belt. Unlike squads of Splinter Cell and Rainbow Six franchise, the squad of Division is specialized and trained in scenarios, which make up the story of the game.

The Game Director, Ryan Barnard has stated that this squad will perfectly fit in the whole scenario of the game and will take the fight to the plague and what remains of the NYC.

The squad of the Division is blessed with the best technology ever known to mankind. Equivalent to classic RPGs, technology serves the purpose of magic in this game. All these pieces are joined in such a way so as to create a perfect real experience.

The Division

One of the best technologies at the agent’s disposal is dubbed as Echo. With Echo, agents are able to create and freeze the moments of the past in a way which enables them to extract out crucial information, listen to past conversations, and find clues to ensure survival of fellow humans.

Trained in advanced warfare tactics, the squad soldiers are able to maneuver environment to overcome anyone opposing them.

With features like taking cover, blind firing, climbing, sliding, and vaulting, the agents are able to traverse through any obstacle with relative ease. And since team play is an important aspect of the game, players will be able revive their drowned partners during an engagement.

The Division

Speaking about weapons, the agents will have a large arsenal of weapons – ranging from SMGs, Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifles, to Pistols – at their disposal. Being a Shooter RPG, these weapons will complement and contradict with your players’ skills.

Furthermore, the game also has a wide arsenal of weapon attachments, which will complement a player’s distinctive playstyle. Furthermore, the players will be able to stumble upon Legendary Weapons with extra attachment slots and increased damage and attributes.

The Division

Lastly, the game will also feature a PvP space, but more information on this will be shared soon.

The Division is expected to launch in 2015 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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