Sunset Overdrive’s 8-Player Co-op Detailed, It’s Fun and Crazy

By   /   Jun 10, 2014

First details of Sunset Overdrive’s recently announced 8 player co-op are here and they sound really good. Players will be able to take on various missions with other players in the open world environment.

Taking on missions grants players Chaos Levels and each mission grants different amount of Levels. The number of Levels a player has determines the difficulty of the final mission the team will have to face in the shape of Night Defense.

Joining a co-op game is pretty easy and smooth, there is no need to quit your current game and choose the co-op option from the main menu. Once you get an invite to a co-op game from a friend, just head on over to the neared future photo booth and you will join the multiplayer fun with the same character as you had in singleplayer.

Each Chaos Squad mission in Sunset Overdrive should feel unique and that is exactly what the game delivers. Players will have the option to vote on the mission they want to take on and each mission will have different rewards from the others.

After several missions comes the main event, Night Defense. Night Defense plays somewhat like a tower defense game. Players will have to fend off waves of enemies who are attacking to steal vats of Overcharge players hold at their fort.

Before the start of each wave, players will have the chance to place traps to damage oncoming enemies. The more chaos players gather in open world missions, the harder each wave will be.

However, all this hard work pays off in the form of great rewards which players will be able to take over to their singleplayer campaign.

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