Star Fox Will Make The Best Use of Wii U Gamepad and Controller

By   /   Jun 10, 2014

Revealed on Sunday at one of Nintendo’s E3 booth by game designer Shigeru Miyamoto and later teased today at the end of Nintendo’s Digital Presentation, a new Star Fox is headed to Wii U.

The yet unnamed game will use the Wii U gamepad screen for a first-person cockpit view while a third person view of player’s Arwing fighter can be seen on the TV. The views can however be swapped so you get the cockpit view on TV.

According to Miyamoto, this allows players independent control of where they shoot and where they fly. While players will fly the fighter through the control sticks, the gyro controls of Wii U will allow players to look and tilt the targeting visor.

Miyamoto’s E3 demos are usually very polished, but the Starfox demo was aesthetically quite rough, sporting unvarnished art that was more functional than pretty

The cockpit design seemed as if it was a view of early stage programmer art. The game demo also featured audio clips from the classic Star Fox 64 such as “Open the wings!”

Even though the game seems to be in very early stages of development, Nintendo representatives are claiming the game will be released within a year no matter how difficult it sounds.

Star Fox is just one of the 3 Wii U exclusives Miyamoto is working on right now, the other two being the untitled Project Guard and Project Giant Robot both of which are to be released in 2015.

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