Splatoon, Fast Paced 4v4 Shooter For Wii U

By   /   Jun 10, 2014

Splatoon was announced today during Nintendo’s E3 Digital Presentation. Players will be put in the shoes of ‘ink warriors’armed with guns quite similar to paintball weapons.

The game will be a 4v4 multiplayer third person shooter where the objective is to mark your territory by splashing paint in the area. Team with the most territory obviously wins.

The enemy team will constantly try to take over your territory and that is where the exciting bit comes in. You can ambush the invaders by moving silently through paint splashes of your team color. Players will also get a speed boost while moving through those paint trails.

Similarly, movement will be affected when walking through enemy color trails so it is imperative that players mark their territory strategically. The gamepad can be used to see a tactical view of the battlefield and oversee what is happening throughout the maps.

While maps do feel quite big, the increased movement speed through paint trails makes it fun with a lot of cover positions when defending your area.

Splatoon will be released for Wii U sometime in 2015.

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