Sony E3 2014 Press Conference Round-up, All Trailers and Info

By   /   Jun 10, 2014

The Sony press conference at the E3 lasted longer than any of the others, showcasing a long list of titles and features. In case you missed it, we’ve covered the entire thing for you right here.

Sony’s conference started off with none other than Bungie’s next-big-thing: Destiny. However, instead of gameplay and multiplayer online features, we were given a montage of story-oriented footage with the familiar old-mentor-tells-you-you’re-special narration.

It certainly opened up the game’s plot, though we admit that this wasn’t the most impressive Destiny trailer we’ve seen. Yes, it did look a lot like Halo.

Next in-line was none other than The Order. You were introduced to this late 1800s character that emerges straight out of a Van Helsing comic. The game had an eerie Resident Evil/Dead Space kind of feel to it, until you meet the zombie.

The plot twist there was this guy wasn’t a zombie – he was a mutant, and an intelligent one too. The rest of the gameplay was all about escaping the mutant, and we have to say we were quite impressed by the visuals and the presentation.

To diminish your zombie/survival phobias, the folks at Sony brought in the makers of Entwined. If there were a two-word limit to describe the game, we’d use “beautiful” and “strange”. The simplistic yet challenging gameplay revolves around two creatures that are in love, but due to contrasting characters (presumably fire and water) cannot be together – except for certain specific instances, during which the merge to form an amazing dragon that soars the skies. A true work of art, and we’re glad we got to see that to get our mind away from that zombie-mutant.

Just as we were not quite finished admiring Entwined, Sony slapped the stage with Little Big Planet personnel. This had to be the most entertaining and engaging live gameplay footage yet, as four developers played in an intriguing and masterfully crafted platformer setup. No words here can do justice to the presentation that was full of mistakes that the developers made while playing with their character, which made it all that more charming.

The colorful fun lasted for quite a while, until Shuhei Yoshida arrived and introduced everyone to Bloodborne. Brutal, dark, scary – it was only a CGI trailer but boy did it speak volumes and told a terrifying tale in its voiceless display. One to look out for in 2015 by any person who is even remotely a horror genre fan.

Far Cry 4 once again occupied the big screen for the second time today after Ubisoft showed the first 5 minutes of the game. This time around we were looking at gameplay footage that was leaked earlier on Youtube.

The emphasis was on the combat mechanics and co-op, and it lived to its expectation of delivering a good idea of how the chaotic Himalayas would be like. Personally, I found it a big stretched and got bored because of the excessive amount of action.

As if The Order and Bloodborne hadn’t shown enough undead creatures, we were now staring at a model-like face of a blond male jogger who was living the “ignorance is bliss” saying by example, as everyone behind him was either being gorged up by zombies or overrun by a limo.

Sadly, ignorance is bliss for only a short while, because the jogging man’s fate was to end up being an undead and ultimately get bludgeoned with a mace. Yes, we’re talking about the insanity that is Dead Island 2. It tried to be funny and casual about the whole thing, which gives the suggestion that the game won’t take itself serious. Don’t worry, we didn’t take it too seriously either.

Next up was Battlefield: Hardline, once again making an appearance (for the third time) today. After some five minutes of already-heard of Battlefield talk, our attention was diverted towards Magicka 2. We wouldn’t be remembering much about it had it not been for the hilarious introduction to our poor wizard who accidentally fries his cat, so it certainly had a memorable aspect to it.

After hearing some good news about a re-master of the classic LucasArts game Grim Fandango, we were once again presented with blood and gore, this time in the form of Let it Die. It was a weird, gory and violent presentation, but it certainly delivered what its opening line had set it up for: ‘death cancels everything’.

The makers of the wonderful piece of art and experience that is Journey presented us with a new game called Abzu, which involves the same minimalistic touch that accompanies all of the previous games like Flow, Journey, and Flower. You get to swim with whales too, which is sweet.

Now I get raved up whenever I see some kind of flying sim, so when the trailer for No Man’s Sky showed up, my interest piqued to a whole new level. The game is developed by a small independent studio, which is keeping the graphics to an okay-ish level but really upping the diversity of the game. You’ll be flying in a futuristic space fighter as you explore countless worlds.

The developers themselves have stated that the universe they created for the game is infinite, and they themselves don’t know what’s in it. Each world has a different landscape and unique mixture of flora and fauna to explore, and exiting and entering the atmospheres of different planets to engage in dog-fights against enemy space fighters is an exciting prospect.

All these exciting revelations were then followed by a rather lengthy interval of boring hardware talk, with Shawn Layden stepping in to talk about how Youtube is arriving for PS4, the PlayStation Vita TV, PlayStation Now, and a montage of the various Free to Play games that will be arriving on Sony’s consoles. This was of course only after the PlayStation Camera-based Project Morpheus device was announced.

The subject then smoothly changed from these technicalities and free to play games to Mortal Kombat X. Sadly, compared to its amazing teaser trailer the graphics looked downgraded, but that’s expected anyways. We daresay that the entire MKX presentation and gameplay footage was a bit stretched. The fatalities towards the end were nice though.

This was followed by original PlayStation video content, with heavy emphasis on the Powers series based on the comic with the same name by Brian Michael Bendis. We also got a glimpse (okay, maybe more than just a glimpse) of The Last of Us re-mastered for the PlayStation 4, which will be released on July 29.

Of course, Sony’s press conference would be empty if they weren’t willing to show their close association with Kojima Productions, which is why we got to see a trailer of Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain. This is the same trailer that was published yesterday but then quickly removed. As expected, it only contained footages of cut-scenes. Still pretty captivating.

What came next may be insignificant to many, but for PC gamers the small details were significant enough to cause celebrations. Grand Theft Auto V is coming to next-generation platforms, including the PC, though Sony made sure they suppress the “PC and Xbox One” part of the news and only focus on the PlayStation 4 bit. You can’t blame them of course, since this was their show (and boy was the setup mighty impressive).

The dying moments of the conference were more energetic, as Batman’s high-tech suit took over the panoramic displays as in-game footage from Batman: Arkham Knight captivated the audience. We saw the amazing new Unreal engine, the subtle yet identifiable improved gameplay mechanics, the awesomeness that is the bat-mobile, and of course Scare Crow, who is running the misery-show that has engulfed Gotham.

We were all about to say our goodbyes, but Sony had one last trick in the box to keep us amazed, which was a small but satisfying teaser trailer for Uncharted 4. Short, captivating, but lacking enough detail, Uncharted 4: The Thief’s End left a somewhat desiring and incomplete feeling towards the end of an otherwise very satisfying conference by Sony.

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