YouTube Coming to PlayStation 4 Later this Year

By   /   Jun 10, 2014

At the long last, Sony Computer Entertainment has announced to bring in one of the more popular applications to their latest console PlayStation 4. The E3 2014 press conference of Sony, Shawn Layden the president and CEO of SCE America has announced that YouTube will be making its way to the console.

Until now YouTube has been an area that gave Xbox One an edge over the competitor. However, it looks like Sony has decided to remove that difference.

During the same presentation Layden has also announced that since the console’s launch, the Share button of PlayStation 4 has been used more than 220 million times. This tells us a lot about the interest that console owners have in sharing the content that they create or the experiences they encounter.

Getting YouTube among the broadcasting options of the Share button of PlayStation 4 will surely enhance the social integration. However, it will not only allow the user to share the content, it will also let them stream videos.

How excited are you about getting YouTube on PlayStation 4?

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