Mario vs. Donkey Kong Announced Exclusively for Wii U, Trailer Inside

By   /   Jun 10, 2014

While not presented during Nintendo’s E3 Digital Presentation, Mario vs. Donkey Kong was just announced as an upcoming exclusive for Wii U.

The puzzle platformer series was originally started in 2004 with Mario vs. Donkey Kong for GameBoy Advance. The series is now making its return to a Nintendo console after almost 5 years.

This new generation version of the game will make use of Wii U Gamepad’s touch screen to build objects in the game world which Mario can utilize.

The game will feature toy versions of characters from the franchise as they make their way through over 80 puzzles in the game. The game will also feature Minis characters such as Mini Luigi.

There is also a Create a Level tool which Nintendo promises will be a “near limitless puzzle creation” that allows players to design game levels to their own liking with tools which they unlock by purchasing from the stars they collect while playing.

The custom levels can later be shared over the internet for other players to try on the Miiverse.

So far the game seems to be using just the name Mario vs. Donkey Kong but the title might change later to a more appropriate one. While there is no set release date announced, the game will launch sometime in 2015.

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