What’s New in FIFA 15? Here is What We Know So Far

By   /   Jun 10, 2014

EA Sports FIFA franchise brings just enough changes to the gameplay every year to keep the game fresh and fans engaged. FIFA 15 is set to improve upon all the features the previous games had as well as introducing various new ones.

The crowd chants, cheers or boos players just like you would expect during a real life match. All the 22 players on the field are truly alive, whether they are opponents or team mates they will react to each and every move on the field.

If an opponent feels you are constantly committing fouls against them, they will confront the player on the field. Team mates will react in various ways to missed chances, goals or tackles with over 600 emotional responses.

Thanks to the Ignite Engine, the game visuals feel truly next generation and the ground feels real and not just a green colored field on the ground. As the match progresses, players will notice wear and tear with each slide or a hard kick.

Teams are now more aware of the match and will dynamically adjust their tactics according to the situation of the match. Man-to-Man Battles are now more rewarding with improved and more responsive player movements which give you more control over the ball.

Additional details regarding FIFA 15 will be revealed in the upcoming months before the release date on September 23rd in America and 26th in Europe. The game seems to be only for PC and the new generation of consoles, but we will update here if news regarding a PS3 or Xbox 360 version are revealed.

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