Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition Will Feature Last of Us Themed Dungeon

By   /   Jun 10, 2014

Sony has announced that in addition to The Last of Us coming to the PlayStation 4, it will also be making an unexpected appearance in Diablo III when the dungeon-scrolling action-RPG launches for the console.

Now, like most of us you’re wondering “what the heck is the connection between Diablo and TLoU?”

Yeah, we wondered the same thing, but as a Diablo player I’m not too disappointed about the fact that I’ll be able to use my super-beefy Barbarian for killing some bloaters, clickers, and all the other nasty things that formed the pestilence in The Last of Us.

All this will be featured in the Diablo III: Ultimate Evil edition, which will be debuting on the PS4 sometime this year.

You might miss Ellie’s assistance or the luxury of having makeshift weapons, but I’m sure whirlwinding through mobs of clickers or watching your Gargantuan shred an infected creature won’t be any less entertaining.

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