Destiny E3 Trailer Defines the Story, Alpha Announced, Beta Arrives July 17

By   /   Jun 10, 2014

We have always known the darkness will return to finish what it has started, to take our home. It claims that there are only a few who have the light of the traveler and who can fight the darkness.

The Guardians, have that light in them, and they are now the last hope of humanity. Their failure is the failure, and the ultimate end of humanity. It is not just a quest that hangs in the balance; it is the fate of humanity.

What is on the front, a human vs. alien game, actually is far more than that if the Destiny E3 trailer is to be taken seriously.

Being the first game that Sony decided to market through their press conference, it gets better. The trailer kicks off with a few people landing on Mars; everything has been destroyed by the aliens, and it is now up to these few who are left to take control.

There are explosive action scenes the likes of which we have seen in the previous trailers too including battleships, gunfights and more. Andrew House believes that the graphics of Destiny, and its experience is going to encompass PlayStation 4’s ideology for the future of games.

More importantly, PlayStation users will get the game’s Beta version earlier on July 17 and there is going to be an alpha version that kicks off this Thursday.

Check out the Destiny E3 trailer above and tell us what you think of it.

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