Batman: Arkham Knight E3 Gameplay Demo Shows Batmobile in Action

By   /   Jun 10, 2014

Near the end of Sony’s E3 Press Conference, they showed something which the fans had been waiting for since the start of Day 1 of E3 and that was a look at Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham Knight.

The gameplay footage shows the Dark Knight on his way to take down The Penguin. As everyone was expecting from previous trailers, the game visuals were pretty amazing.

We also got our first proper look at Batmobile being driven through the city of Gotham and in action in the Batmobile Battlemode where it transforms into a deadly piece of artillery.

The new and improved glide mode could also be seen in action after using the eject boost from the Batmobile.

We also got our first look at what seemed to be the Fear Takedown, where Batman can take down up to 3 enemies if he takes them by surprise and do it really quickly as well.

Combat is looks to be more polished and smooth from the previous titles in the franchise and that is a definite bonus even though the previous games had a great combat system.

PS4 version of Arkham Knight will also have exclusive Scarecrow Nightmare missions. Speaking of Scarecrow, he really does look scary this time!

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