Xbox One Exclusive Scalebound E3 Trailer Shows Monster Hunting at its Finest

By   /   Jun 9, 2014

Scalebound, being developed by Platinum Games a Japanese Indie development company was just announced. This is probably the game being developed with a well known Japanese developer like Microsoft said earlier.

From the looks of it, players will portray a monster hunter with some powers of his own and a pet dragon to aid in battle. The protagonist seems to be heavily inspired from Devil May Cry’s Dante with the same carefree attitude and love for music.

It seems the yet unnamed protagonist will also be able to absorb some of the powers of the enemies he attacks, kind of like a chameleon. Besides his cool looking sword as a main weapon, he also seems to have a bow in his arsenal capable of firing special arrows.

We will update here as more details regarding the game are revealed

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