Rumor: Microsoft To Reveal Crackdown 3 At E3 Press Conference

By   /   Jun 9, 2014

It’s been 4 years since the last Crackdown was released and if a source of Develop is to be believed, we might finally be getting the third installment of the open world third person shooter franchise.

According to the source, Microsoft is all set to reveal Crackdown 3 today during its E3 Press Conference.

No other details are known about the game like whether it will be for Xbox One or Xbox 360 or both, but personally, I believe the game can benefit a lot from Xbox One’s Cloud.

Crackdown 2 developers Ruffian Games have denied any involvement so if the game is there is no indication as to which developer is working on it since Realtime Worlds, the developers of the original Crackdown had to close up shop in 2010.

Microsoft’s Phil Spencer has been teasing Crackdown 3 for quite a while now claiming his love for the franchise and saying the game will happen once they find the “right team and time.”

Crackdown series has so far been exclusive to Xbox 360. The first title was released back in 2007 and the sequel which introduced multiplayer mode to the series in 2010.

I think the fans of the sandbox style shooter have waited long enough, and its high time Microsoft officially reveals it rather than giving small teasers at various conferences.

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