Mirror’s Edge 2 E3 Behind The Scenes Video Shows Faith’s Abilities

By   /   Jun 9, 2014

So far, I have been pretty disappointed with Electronic Arts’ press conference. The games I was hooking for have only managed to score Conceptual Prototype. Yes, I’m talking about the next Mass Effect and Mirror’s Edge 2.

While playing as Faith (the main protagonist), the game will feature a wide arsenal of new moves and primarily revolves around traversing the game’s universe.

The game’s world is promised to be huge and players will be able to find different routes to reach a particular location; solely based on their skill level. The players who have explored the game’s world will find short-cuts a lot quicker than newbie players.

In addition to this, movement and traversing will also be used to take down your adversaries. Speaking of combat mechanics, Faith is shown as an agile character who will take down her enemies in an eye’s blink.

Once again, similar to the next Mass Effect, there is neither any release date provided nor expected platforms.

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