FIFA 15 E3 Gameplay Trailer, Players Have Memories, Emotions & More

By   /   Jun 9, 2014

David Rutter who is currently heading the FIFA development team at EA announced what could be the biggest sports game of the conference; FIFA 15!

According to the developer it is going to be football like never before. Players will now have memories, emotionalism on a higher level and a lot more human feeling. Better agility and astonishing realistic trajectories will feature in players that will be truly next gen.

The pitch will retain marks of all the action that takes place on the ground. You make a dive, and the ground will get impacted. Just like how the clothes of the players will get dirty.

The power of Ignite Engine will allow the situation of the game impact how your players react to it. Moreover, there will be new moves, new tackling mechanics and more realistic possibilities for everything you do or want to react to.

Last but not the least, even the crowd that is attending your match will be live, reacting to everything that is happening on the pitch in a way that you would expect from a real audience in a real match.

This is more than a game, this is football.

No release dates were given for FIFA 15.

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