Fable: Legends E3 Gameplay Demo Shows 4-Player Co-op, Coming This Fall

By   /   Jun 9, 2014

Lionhead Studios has graced that E3 2014 floor with a four player co-op demonstration with each hero having its very own distinctive abilities and power.

Utilizing all these powers and team-play, players will be able to take down any monster. The ability of these characters range from shooting fire-arrows to freezing your opponent.

A notable feature which provided the players with a choice to either become a villain or a hero has also been demonstrated. A player opting for a hero will play the game in third-person perspective and for a villain, the game will be played in RTS perspective.

While playing as a villain, players will be able to set up different traps and spells to bring down the heroes. It’s a constant war between good and evil!

The gameplay footage also demonstrated a boss battle primarily focusing on team-play. Fable: Legends is expected to undergo multiplayer beta in fall, later this year.

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