EA E3 2014 Press Conference Round-Up, All Trailers and Info

By   /   Jun 9, 2014

Electronic Arts was next in turn after Microsoft’s press conference at the E3 ended. Like everyone else, we’re expecting a lot of content to be revealed from EA in both this conference and later on in the following E3 days.

In case you’ve missed anything during the conference, here’s a roundup of what happened when EA’s team stood on the podium.

The conference started with a behind the scenes presentation of Star Wars: Battlefront.

The game seemed strangely premature to even be presented at the E3, but in addition to a group of designers and developers working on their computers we did manage to spot some in-engine footage, which looked mighty impressive.

Of course, previous E3 experiences teach us not to go by early footage (I’m looking at you, Watch Dogs), but combined with the sweet music it was a pretty captivating start to the conference.

Next up was BioWare’s turn to show its bromance with EA, this time reiterating a Dragon Age: Inquisition trailer that was strangely similar to the one shown off during the Microsoft conference a few hours before.

To add a bit of finesse, there was a cello player who played the introductory track of Inquisition, while the rest of the time was just spent on talking about how great the game was.

Shortly after we were treated with something relatively new from BioWare: Mass Effect. You can’t call this anything but a teaser, more like a teaser trailer for a teaser trailer.

I couldn’t help but picture the “it’s something” meme when it came up and then went away in a span of nearly nothingness. They haven’t even decided on the title yet, which suggests why there is so little to show.

The conference picked up momentum from there on with the revelation of a new Sims game. Yes, we’re talking about that same Sims that was sold and played by millions for countless durations. The new version of The Sims will be coming in September, and is expected to have massive AI, visual, gameplay, and interactive updates compared to its predecessors.

The fact that a character in the trailer died from excessive laughter didn’t quite encourage viewers, but it was interesting enough to make it a memorable little display of what the game could be.

Next up was a hasty 10-minute marathon of EA Sports titles, including the new UFC game, NHL 15, a new Criterion game, PGA Tour for anyone interested in golf games, and also the next version of Madden.

UFC showed off a ghost of Bruce Lee in action, which is strange because martial artists Bruce Lee died before UFC became a sport.

That wasn’t the end of the EA Sports rampage though, as afterwards we were treated with a delightful galore of FIFA 15.

Unsurprisingly, the FIFA franchise is one of the best-selling in the world, which also makes it one of the most criticized because of high demands and expectations from fans.

EA showed off the power of the new Ignite Engine, along with new visual and aesthetic effects, in addition to a list of new features that included improved player “emotions, memory, and reactions”.

Fans have also been promised revised and improved gameplay mechanics with new tackling and reaction-based maneuvers.

We really hope they’ve read through the official rules for the game, and have rectified the ridiculous shirt-pulling, the sluggish dribbling, woeful passing, and god-mode AI goalkeeper mechanics as well.

Last but not least was Battlefield: Hardline. We already had leaks of it a few weeks ago, but there’s nothing sweeter than an official revelation… or is there?

Apparently there is, because EA was also quick to announce that Hardline will be entering beta testing from today.

You can get it for your PlayStation 4 or PC from the official website. The game is set of an October release, and based on the woeful bug infestation that has victimized Battlefield 4, we’re hoping the beta serve its better purpose to make a bug-free retail release.

It wasn’t just announcements and promises though – a nice detailed multiplayer trailer was also up for viewing. Apparently, this franchise takes a break from terrorism and conspiracy-based warfare and shifts focus towards crime.

The trailer showed a unique multiplayer map in which the robbers (one team) must plan and execute a heist in Los Angeles, while the cops come only after the heist is initiated. Irrespective of the side you choose, the game will encourage teamplay in a stricter and focused environment compared to the open-ended warfare of the previous titles.

The conference ended with the Battlefield: Hardline reveal, and looking back the two titles that stood out the most were FIFA 15 and Hardline itself.

That’s it from the EA press conference – stay tuned as we bring you the latest update and full coverage of the remaining conferences from Ubisoft, Sony, and Nintendo.

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