Dance Central: Spotlight Spotted In ESRB Listings

By   /   Jun 9, 2014

Exciting news for fans of the franchise, just a few hours before the start of E3, ESRB seems to have leaked the listing for an upcoming Dance Central game.

The game, rated for Teens, is titled Dance Central: Spotlight and seems to be exclusive to Xbox One.

The listing doesn’t really tell much else about the game besides the fact that it will have downloadable tracks which might not be in accordance with the ESRB rating (might have explicit lyrics).

Gamers can expect typical Dance Central gameplay, mimicking dance moves displayed on-screen in front of a Kinect.

It’s no surprise that Dance Central is coming for Xbox One, it is after all one of the major Kinect titles, created by Guitar Hero inventor Harmonix. Whether Harmonix is behind this new installment is still unclear.

The Dance Central series started back in 2010 with sequels following in 2011 and 2012.

If the listing really is true, more details about the title can be expected in a few hours once Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference begins.

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