Microsoft E3 2014 Press Conference Live Stream Time, Where to Watch and What to Expect

By   /   Jun 8, 2014

After the disastrous Xbox One reveal and somewhat failed E3 last year, this year is a chance for Microsoft to shine if it has to retain any hope of beating Sony in the next generation console race.

Pressing the right buttons after the recent announcement of a Kinect-less Xbox One bundle might actually go a long way in helping Microsoft close the gap between Xbox One and PlayStation 4 sales figures.

Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference will mark the start of E3 conferences and is set to begin on Monday, 9th June at 9:30am PDT.

The press conference can be viewed live at:, IGN, Gamespot, Windows App and Spike TV.

Microsoft made it very clear with the announcement of Xbox One that they were creating a complete Home Entertainment System rather than just a gaming console with a bit of family fun added to it. Well that kind of family entertainment is exactly what fans can expect to see this year.

Personally, I’m really looking forward to catch a glimpse of the Halo live action series being developed by Steven Spielberg.

Microsoft will probably also be talking about all the recently added TV apps to Xbox 360 and Xbox One which include HBO Go, Syfy and Comedy Central.

With a beta set for later this year, Lionhead Studios has confirmed that Fable Legends will be one of the key titles talked about at this year’s E3. Being a fan of the Fable series, I am really looking forward to this next generation shift of the franchise and given its coupling with Microsoft’s Cloud, the game can turn out to be a real gem.

Revealed at E3 2013, Insomniac’s Sunset Overdrive is releasing this year and it’s only natural that Microsoft will have a playable demo ready by the time of E3 for one of the flagship titles of its new console.

Fingers crossed for a lot more details regarding this fast paced shooter.

Rumors have been floating around for quite a while now about an HD remake of Halo series. Titled Halo: The Master Chief Collection, the collection will be a real treat for long time Halo fans who want to kick some Covenant butt in HD and relive the adventures before the next title in the franchise. Let’s hope Microsoft officially confirms the rumors at their conference.

Forward Unto Halo 5!

A brief cinematic teaser was revealed at E3 2013 and the title of the game was recently confirmed. Developed by 343 Industries, Halo 5: Guardian is set to be released in 2015 but that’s just all the information we have regarding it. I’m really hoping for the continuation of Reclaimer Saga and the return of Cortana (because Master Chief needs Cortana!).

Let’s hope Microsoft sheds some more light on Guardians through trailers or gameplay footage, especially regarding who this mysterious Spartan on the game’s title image is.

Appearing suddenly out of the blue, Forza Horizon 2 is set to launch this fall. Not a whole lot of details have been revealed regarding it besides that it will use an improved version of Forza Motorsport 5’s Drivatar feature and will have a better weather system.

Let’s hope we get to see some gameplay footage and a list of cars included besides the 2015 Lamborghini Huracan.

Some other rumored appearances include The Witcher 3 preferably as a playable demo, next installment of the Gears of War franchise and a Japanese game which is under development.

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