The Last Guardian Has Not Been Cancelled, Confirms Sony Executive

By   /   Jun 8, 2014

Rumors had been floating around for a few days that Team Ico’s much awaited The Last Guardian had finally been cancelled.

To further solidify those rumors, IGN Russia reported that the game had indeed been cancelled and they had gotten word from an internal source regarding this cancellation, something which was discussed in “Sony’s internal meeting last week”.

Fans of Team Ico were troubled by this bit of information since they were expecting some game details at the upcoming E3 2014, after all the game had been in development since 2007 and it was high time Sony gave proper details regarding it.

Well to put those rumors to rest and bring happiness to fans, Sony Executive Scott Rhode countered IGN’s claims on twitter and assured fans that the game had not been cancelled.

Over its lengthy development cycle, The Last Guardian has seen numerous delays among which is the departure of Fumito Ueda, lead designer and director as a full time Sony employee.

The game was originally intended to be a PlayStation 3 title, set for release in 2011 but since then Sony has declared that platform and release date are still to be determined.

Sony had been assuring fans for quite a while now that the game was very much in development and details will be revealed at an appropriate time. The game was even listed on Amazon earlier this week.

The Last Guardian is expected to share stylistic, thematic, and gameplay elements with Ueda’s previous titles, Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. Let’s hope we finally get to see more details, besides that teaser during E3 2009, about the E3 starting tomorrow.

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