EA E3 2014 Press Conference Live Stream Time, Where to Watch and What to Expect

By   /   Jun 8, 2014

Despite the general public opinion regarding Electronic Arts, their E3 press conference is among those which have everyone excited. One major reason for that is the fact that while almost every other game is getting delayed this year, EA probably has the most titles releasing in Q3 and Q4.

EA’s Press Conference will start Monday, 9th June at 12pm PDT

The conference can be viewed live at: EA, IGN, Twitch and Gamespot.

Almost every major EA franchise is making an appearance at E3 this year but perhaps the one everyone is looking forward to the most is Dragon Age: Inquisition. After the disastrous Dragon Age 2, the third installment in Bioware’s fantasy RPG seems to be getting everything perfect whether it’s the story or the visuals.

So far not a whole lot is known about the story or characters besides some of the main characters which players can have in their party but seeing as how the game is releasing this year everyone is hoping more details and another trailer will be revealed at E3. Perhaps even a playable demo?

Confirmed today with a concept art, Mirror’s Edge 2 will also be making an appearance. The sequel to fan favorite first person runner was teased last year with a small trailer of in game footage (which looked pretty sweet!) along with the words “Coming…when it’s ready”. Guess the game is ready and has fans really excited for some gameplay footage.

Less than a year after the release of Battlefield 4, yet another Battlefield title was announced. This new game, Battlefield: Hardline is being developed by Visceral known for their amazing story telling through the Dead Space franchise. It seems that for the first time, Battlefield fans are more excited about the singleplayer rather than multiplayer which puts players inside the shoes of cops or robbers.

Star Wars fans have been waiting for ages for some information regarding Star Wars: Battlefront and it seems their wishes might finally come true since the game is set to appear during the conference.

Just like every year, FIFA 15 will also be making an appearance and what I’m really excited to see this year is PC version being built using the Ignite engine which powered FIFA 14 for PS4 and Xbox One.

Some other titles making appearances, probably as playable demos include The Sims 4, NHL 15 and Madden NFL 15, a new and untitled project from Criterion along with a few others which are to be announced.

While EA has confirmed there will be no Need for Speed game this year, fans are still hoping to catch a glimpse of the upcoming installment in the racing franchise.

Another rumored appearance is that of the next Mass Effect game. While everyone knows Commander Shepard’s story is over but the galaxy is still vast and there are many potential stories to explore there.

Bioware already confirmed that the game is in development so is it too much to ask for a teaser?

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