WildStar Money Making Guide – How To Make Easy Money

By   /   Jun 7, 2014

WildStar is fun, WildStar is cool, but WildStar doesn’t let you have the luxury of being filthy rich.

In fact, most of us will be broke or hand-to-mouth during majority of the times, because the system is built in such a way, not to mention there are plenty of seductive extras which you could be sinking your money into.

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WildStar Money Making

Yes, we’re talking about the in-game currency, and while some of this might apply to your real wallet under specific circumstances, we’re strictly basing our statements on how difficult it is to be financially strong and carefree in WildStar.

A large part of it is due to rather poor management from our own selves.

Of course this is a guy, and you want to enjoy every aspect of it, but sometimes enjoying everything robs you of unhindered financial development, in which case you need to look towards better understanding and tough choices.

It is actually possible to earn more and spend less in WIldStar till a time comes where you have a healthy gross profit that is enough for you to enjoy having a House, enjoy your time Crafting, and indulge in ridiculously overpriced auctions of vital gear.

Here’s a few tips and suggestions you should seriously consider if you want to get into the habit of making money easier. This isn’t some magic little exploit, but just a few daily habits you could adopt to make your financial WildStar lifestyle better.

Avoid Crafting
Any RPG player will know that crafting is one expensive skill to practice regularly. It’s not the direct investment that will financially cripple you, but the amount of money you’ve missed out making because of the crafting.

If you don’t craft, you don’t miss out on opportunity costs.

During your mob slaying and adventures, you’ll come across a lot of crafting material and loot. Most of the stuff you’ll gather will be expendable, and if you’re into crafting that will probably mean salvaging it.

Salvaging gives you no benefits other than the crafting material extracted from it – you could instead be selling the loot you don’t require to vendors and on the Auction House for extra gold.

While the AH is a bit of a gamble and it may or may not sell, selling to the vendor regularly will certainly keep your wallet somewhat full.

Get the Gatherer Tradeskills
One neat little trick is to avoid crafting, but utilize the associated Tradeskills or professions to acquire additional crafting items.

The Survivalist and Mining Tradeskills will generally double the amount of meat/ores you acquire from animals and nodes, and also improve the speed at which you can gather wood.

All these things would in the ideal and rich world be perfect for your crafting practices, but we’re not living in an ideal or rich world, so instead of utilizing these materials for crafts, simply sell them away to bag some extra coin. These things certainly won’t sell for as much as other loot would, but when you’re saving up every penny tends to count, right?

Selling them to the vendors might not be the brightest idea though; instead, try selling these on the Commodity Exchange, which is just an Auction House specifically meant from gathering materials.

At launch the demand of these materials should inflate quite a bit, in which case you could earn good money from all your hard work. Investment for the future, buddy.

Take Advantage of the Auction House and Commodity Exchange
If you’re not entirely willing to exclusively rely on loot and gathering material from the gameplay, you can rely on them from the Auction House and CX. Now buying stuff from AH/CX may sound counter-intuitive, but it can actually give you profits if you’re clever about it.

For this, you’ll need a bit of know-how regarding how much certain things sell for to the vendor. Currently there is no “minimum price” in the AH/CX, which means sometimes you can come across things that are actually available for less than the price they would sell for to the vendor.

For example, a certain armor or gathering material is available for 10 gold, but to the vendor it would sell for 14. In that case you should buy the item, then go in game and sell it to the vendor.

Result: you get a profit of 4 gold.

It might be a bit slower than looting from mobs, but if you can get certain things in bulks, such as gathering materials, you could actually land a sizeable profit with this practice and call yourself the new Steve Jobs.

Avoid Repairing and Upgrades from the AH
Not repairing your things might sound like risky business, but if you’re midway through your questing phase (which you probably are) you’ll almost certainly be getting an upgrade in every quest. In that case repairing just becomes a money sink, especially when you are leveling up.

Similarly, you don’t want to be spending on gear in the AH – it’s very tempting and I’ve done it myself quite a bit, but unless you’ve reached level 50 and for some reason haven’t managed to acquire top-quality gear, buying from the AH below level 50 is useless.

The only real benefit it’ll give you is help in leveling a lot faster, but we’re not here to level fast – we’re here to earn more money.

Of course there are exceptions: if you have abysmal gear and find yourself dying a lot (which itself is chewing up your wallet), then consider spending a small portion so you can at least farm without the risk of becoming a dead body from time to time.

Complete the Quests in your Zones
If you plan on making money, then you shouldn’t be simultaneously planning on leveling up fast, because the two conflict each other in many ways. One was it how you handle quests.

In almost all the zones you’ll reach a level cap after which the zone becomes insignificant and you can move to the next one if you’re looking to level fast.

That’s not the case when you’re making money though – even if you have reached the level cap and the zone has no real progressive benefits to you, try completing the remaining quests. Quests themselves don’t give you too much money on their own, but when combined with the amount of slaying and looting you do it can sum up to be a pretty healthy profit.

Challenges are your worst enemy if you’re looking to level up fast, but your best friends when you’re looking to earn money. They can unnecessarily consume time, but time is investment and money, both figuratively and literally.

Gear from your challenges reward may seem attractive at first, but these will be quickly replaced as long as you’re progressing like any normal person, so ignore them and instead pick things like décor and larger bags.

Decors are and will be in high demand because everyone is in love with the Housing system.

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