GameStop Battlefield Hardline Preorder Bonus is a Police Badge, A Real One!

By   /   Jun 7, 2014

Apparently, GameStop turns you into a cop with a badge if you show them your love for Battlefield Hardline.

We have picked up an image that is circulating over the internet suggesting that the Battlefield Hardline pre-order bonus being offered at the retailer is a real life police badge!

How cool is that.

Jonah, a Twitter user posted an image over to his profile claiming that he has preordered the game at GameStop and got a real life metallic police badge that has the words ‘police’ and ‘service with integrity’ carved onto in along with a seal of the department. See it below.

battlefield hardline prorder bonus

That is certainly a different kind of reward, but it is certainly one that is going to make a lot of us pre-order Battlefield Hardline from GameStop.

Being the next installment in the first-person shooter series, Hardline is going to hit the racks October 7. It was announced on May 28 and will put you in a fight of crime versus the law, i.e. robbers and the police when it finally arrives in the market.

There has been a leaked footage for the game that tells us a little bit about it, and it has also been claimed by Visceral Games that the leaked video in question is at least six months old.

More recently, a trailer was released for the game yesterday that shed light on the story, gameplay and as expected, explosions.

How do you like the Battlefield Hardline preorder bonus that GameStop is offering? Will you steal the opportunity and get yourself a badge?

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