MiniGames and Splitscreen Mode Was Cut From Watch Dogs

By   /   Jun 6, 2014

Ever since its delay, Ubisoft’s Watch_Dogs managed to score its fair share of criticism which kept on gaining more magnitude as it neared the release date. The game is reported to suffer from bad optimization, degraded graphical fidelity, and lack of some basic game mechanics.

On top of all this, a Reddit user no1dead claims that he has managed to get his hands on some inside game files for Watch_Dogs. And these hidden game files presumably contain a whole bunch of content which was supposed to make it to the final version of the game, but somehow got cut.

Now, this guy certainly does not have anything to back his claim up (at least as of now) and it is not clear whether Ubisoft plans to release this content in the shape of downloadable content. Therefore, take it with a grain of salt!

No1dead claims that he found Felony Mini Game which – according to him – involves either pursuing The Club or evading police. ‘They Live’ is another mini game revolving around alien species which has been cut from the game.

It is uncertain whether no1dead is referring to a mini game or a Cyborg type when talking about P30PLE (Cyborg), but this is another thing which could not make it to the game. Other than, the game was also supposed to bring in Bank Heists, Tower Defense, Online PvP and PvE, Splitscreen Mode, Machete Mode, and in-game editor.

Coming to aircrafts, I was pretty disappointed that none of the aircrafts in the game were rideable. Our Redditor claims that he has also found some files related to rideable choppers. Moreover, the preview mission from E3 2012 demonstration has also been excluded from the game.

Head over to Reddit for more information as this guy has promised to add more information gradually. In the meanwhile, tell us what you make of all this? Sounds like too good to be true!

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