Take The Fight To Cyborgs in Watch Dogs DLC

By   /   Jun 6, 2014

Couple of weeks after its release, Watch Dogs has received its first DLC in the form of cyborg digital trip called “Conspiracy.”

The new digital trip will take you in a virtual place where you will have to hunt down very stealthy cyborgs, which can prove to be incredibly dangerous enemies.

Digital Trips in Watch Dogs take you into an augmented reality, where things aren’t really normal to say the least. The Conspiracy DLC pack will cost you $5, but if you own a season pass for the game, you can get it without paying any additional cost.

Watch Dogs puts you in the shoes of Aiden Pearce who is seeking revenge against central operating system of Chicago, which is responsible for the death of his niece.

The gameplay comprises of stealth and third person shooting elements with the addition of a smartphone that can hack into almost all electric devices across the city, making anything and everything your weapon to counter your enemies.

Multiplayer component in Watch Dogs is also very unique, as one of the modes allow other player’s to jump into your game at any point and you will have to find them and stop them before they successfully hack into your phone.

If you didn’t have enough of Watch Dogs, give Conspiracy DLC a try and share your impressions with us by commenting below!

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