Priced at $199, Kinect For Windows v2 Is Available For Pre-Orders

By   /   Jun 6, 2014

In a recent announcement, Microsoft has confirmed that developers can now pre-order the Kinect for Windows v2 sensor.

Priced at $199 USD/EUR/AUD, Kinect for Windows v2 will start shipping in Jul. 2014 , though it will be provided on ‘first come, first serve’ basis since a limited quantity is available. As for the consumer launch, a public release is expected in fall later this year.

Along with its shipment in Jul. 2014, Microsoft also plans to release beta software-development kit, which will enable developers to test it out and even start developing Kinect-dependent Windows Store apps using C++, C#, and Visual Studio Basic.

Compared to its predecessor, Kinect for Windows v2 has enhanced depth of field capability, more powerful infrared technology, better skeletal tracking, and the ability to record videos at full HD 1080p; a feature which is already available on its Xbox One variant.

Speaking of Kinect, Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President Steven Guggenheimer notes:

I love what the Kinect sensor and SDK can do. Getting the v2 sensor into the hands of more developers and getting the SDK more widely available is the next step.

Kinect has already been used at BUILD to create some mindboggling technology like Reflexion Health and Freak’n Genius within a matter of weeks.

As of now, it is uncertain to say whether Xbox One Kinect will work with Windows using compatible drivers or not. Though I believe it should since people paid for this separate tech.

Although Microsoft heavily invested in Kinect with Xbox One, the company now plans to sell Xbox One without an integrated Kinect for $399, which will start shipping later this year.

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