Nintendo To Announce Mario Maker at E3?

By   /   Jun 6, 2014

Nintendo Enthusiast has spotted an image, which shows a poster made for marketing purpose with the title “Mario Maker.”

The poster, which you can see below probably points toward a new game that will allow you create and play your own created levels  in 8-bit Mario.

Mario Maker

Mario is probably one of the most played games of our childhood and there is a lot of stuff that we wanted to do differently with certain stages, and now it seems that will be possible with Mario Maker.

Nintendo has to rely heavily on its first party titles, and that is the reason company has to keep coming up with new and unique ideas so that players do not lose their interest.

Previously, Nintendo confirmed that it will not be doing a press conference at upcoming E3, instead the company will hold and broadcast four different digital events that will stay on for a whole week.

However, it was made clear today that Nintendo’s CEO Satoru Iwata will not be able to attend this year’s E3, due to some health problems that he is experiencing.

The fans are expecting some new games to be unveiled next week for Nintendo consoles, and Mario Maker could be one of them.

However, it is unclear which platform it will be released on, but we will find out soon enough.

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