Kingdom Hearts 3 Teased In New Trailer

By   /   Jun 6, 2014

Square Enix has teased Kingdom Hearts 3 in the trailer for Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix, which you can see above.

The developer has been quiet on the game since announcing it at E3 last year, but the latest teaser almost confirms that Kingdom Hearts 3 will get a full blown trailer at E3.

The game is being developed by Square Enix 1st Production department and you will once again be put in the shoes of Sora. Other returning characters include Goofy, Riku, Donald Duck and King Mickey, while some other famous characters from Disney will make short cameos.

Kingdom Hearts 3 will feature new adventures and some familiar worlds of the past games, all based on Disney properties. The game will serve as last chapter of Dark Seeker saga.

The story in the game will pick up right after the events of Dream Drop Distance and will witness seven lights and thirteen darkness coming together for one final battle.

Before the announcement of Kingdom Hearts 3, rumors claimed that it will be a PlayStation 4 exclusive but Square Enix at E3 2013 confirmed it for Xbox One.

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