GOG Galaxy Is Reaching Out To Steam With Optional Client

By   /   Jun 6, 2014

Online store GOG.com is looking to get into the full-on digital platform business with the announcement of GOG Galaxy. Moreover, it wants this online service to stay as open as possible, which could be a first in the third party client market.

In their announcement, GOG stay adamant that their online client would be 100% DRM-free and most of all, optional. They really hammer on the “optional” format, stating that it’s still possible to stay offline, update manually and so on.

This would be in line with the stance the company always has employed when it comes to PC gaming. Currently, the GOG catalog is one of the biggest stores to support downloads fully free of restrictions or third party installations.

For those who do “choose” to go with GOG Galaxy, there are several incentives as well. For instance, you’ll be able to share some achievements with others.

Its most impressive feature, however, is that it will feature cross-play between companies without restrictions. This way, GOG Galaxy allows its users to connect and play with people on programs like Steam, like a form of cross-platform, but specifically for PC gaming clients.

This is the gap between different brands that needs to be filled in digital games right now. While companies like Valve’s Steam, EA’s Origin or in some cases also Ubisoft’s Uplay tie down users to their name, GOG Galaxy joins others in true inclusive fashion.

Along with this announcement, GOG has put up a Beta signup for The Witcher Adventure game on PC. It’s an adaptation of its board game and allows up to 4 players to participate, between platforms.

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