Battlefield: Hardline Trailer Shows Story, Explosions and Release Date

By   /   Jun 6, 2014

New trailer of Battlefield: Hardline has been released by EA, which shows some awesome single player footage with big explosions and also reveals the release date for the game.

The information on Battlefield: Hardline keeps on piling up considering the announcement was made just a couple of weeks ago.

Hardline is being developed Visceral Games, who is famous for creating the immersive single player campaign of Dead Space franchise.

Visceral Games wants to create similar immersive environment for the players by making a cop-drama style of single player story, which will be played episodically.

Multiplayer on the other hand will take huge inspiration from Battlefield 3 and 4, but this time, there will not be all-out wars, instead the game will pit robbers’ against cops.

As a robber, your will be tasked to rob the place as fast as you can and run away with your money using number of vehicles available. However, when playing as a cop, you will have to do everything you can, in order to stop the robbers from escaping the area.

The effort that we have seen thus far looks pretty cool, but we will see how the gameplay holds up when the game is finally shown at upcoming E3 event.

Battlefield: Hardline is set to 21st of October for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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