A Look at Sunset City and Side-Quests in Sunset Overdrive

By   /   Jun 6, 2014

Insomniac Games, the developer behind Xbox One third-person shooter Sunset Overdrive has shared a new video on Sunset TV detailing inspirations behind Sunset City and various game aspects like side-quests.

Sunset City has been designed by keeping Neo-Tokyo in mind with a series of vertical-layered playgrounds. This has enabled the developer to achieve a crowded urban setting where players can move freely across any surface. Judging from the video, the movement looks like a mash-up of skating games and Price of Persia.

The lower city levels are designed to encourage movement fluidity with a whole bunch of elements to bounce from. As for the higher levels, it requires careful navigation, utilizing suspended zip lines, and wall running.

Speaking of this aspect, associate community manager at Insomniac Games, Brandon Winfrey stated:

We think of the street as a beginners level, so that’s just mostly grinds and bouncies and all that jazz, but the higher up you go the more you’re going to have to combo your traversal and utilize your wall run in order to get around.

The side-quests are designed to cause chaos and mostly revolve around other helping out folks stuck in Sunset City. The video posted above showcases a side-quest requiring players to smash all TV sets running Fizzco advertisements, but only using melee attacks.

Completing these side-quest offer different tiers of rewards – including cash, weapons, and gadgets – based on players’ performance.

More details and a hands-on demo of the game will be available at E3 next week.

Chaos is coming in the shape of Sunset Overdrive exclusively for Xbox One sometime later this year.

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