ZeniMax Online Outlines Update #3 For The Elder Scrolls Online

By   /   Jun 5, 2014

The development team behind The Elder Scrolls Online has posted quite a lengthy blogpost on the game’s official weblog, discussing its plans for future.

Update #3 which is scheduled to arrive sometime in July will primarily focus on different customization options (armor dyeing, guild insignias, and tabards) and reworking on delves.

Update #3 also promises rework on many quests that will reduce the chances of players getting separated from their party. Moreover, Craglorn will see more updates and Trials in this upcoming update.

Itemization, veteran ranks, and more content are absolute priorities in Update #3. Players will get hard-to-acquire gear, rewards and additional points after Level 50, and more dungeons and quests.

Prior to Update #3, Update #2 is all set to roll out on Jun. 23 and will feature:

  • Crypt of Hearts, a new Veteran Dungeon created for Veteran Rank 12 characters. Continue the Crypt of Hearts story and learn the secrets of Nerien’eth the Lich
  • Field of View slider—a much-requested feature that lets you tweak the FOV while playing in first-person mode
  • More object interaction. You can now pick up and equip weapons and armor that you find lying around in the world
  • More ongoing bug fixes and combat polish

Aside from the primary updates, ZeniMax Online plans on releasing several small updates as a part of regular maintenance patches.

Issues like spamming in PvP space and game balancing tweaks like buffing Nightblade and nerfing Dragonknight will be addressed over the course of time. Furthermore, transferring Europe megaserver to a Europe datacenter is also underway.

The issue which caused several players to get Error 301 has been addressed to some extent and will be completely overcome by forthcoming Monday.

Head over to The Elder Scrolls Online Weblog for complete patch notes.

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